Proven Chemistries

time-proven solutions are core to amvac

IMPACT Core and SINATE HerbicidesTime-proven chemical solutions are core to AMVAC, which was founded in 1969 as a regional contract manufacturer of agricultural chemicals. Our tried-and-true crop protection brands encompass a wide and growing range of chemistries to control insects, weeds, and diseases in the agriculture, pest control, turf and ornamental, and vector (public health) sectors. Through the years our primary focus has been to acquire, develop, manufacture, and market synthetic and now also biological products and systems for both crop and non-crop use.?

In agriculture, AMVAC is especially renowned for our corn insecticides and soil fumigants even as we branch out to newer areas including green solutions and precision agriculture technologies.?

SIMPASHerbicides have been a key focus of late. In early 2021 we released?two weed control products to the U.S. corn market: Impact CORE? Herbicide and Sinate??Herbicide. Other major highlights in AMVAC’s continued success in offering products that solve growers’ challenges:?

With a successful legacy of acquisitions and its “Innovation with Speed and Discipline” product development process concentrated on specific customer-focused solutions, AMVAC’s continuing pipeline of practical solutions for producers will remain full for some years to come.?