Green Solutions

Green Solutions:
AMVAC's Growing Biological Portfolio

AMVAC and our parent company American Vanguard are committed to providing a variety of sustainable and beneficial solutions that enable abundant agricultural production, effective public health protection, and valued turf and ornamental and commercial pest control. Central to this goal is AMVAC’s growing portfolio of biologicals: naturally occurring products which, applied either alone or in tandem with proven chemistries, control pests in a way that enhances worker protection, is softer for the environment, and contributes to our customers’ sustainability efforts.

Our Green Solutions platform for sustainable agriculture is comprised of six key pillars.

Improving Soil Health

Biological products developed at Agrinos?, an American Vanguard Company, improve soil health by regenerating the soil microbiome and improving plants’ efficiency to draw carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In the U.S., the Agrinos products B Sure?, iNvigorate?, and UpLift? are distributed through AMVAC and its partnering retailers. Also available through AMVAC U.S. is Ecozin? Plus 1.2% ME, a botanical insecticide/nematicide approved for organic farming on all food and fiber crops.
U.S. Agrinos Products

Prescriptive Application

Currently under development at AMVAC is prescriptive application of biological products using SIMPAS? (Smart Integrated Multi-Product Prescription Application System). This will further enhance the use of biologicals to protect and enhance soil health.
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Biological Insecticides

Seven OMRI-listed biological products cleared for use in organic greenhouse and nursery are available from OHP, part of AMGUARD? Environmental Technologies, an American Vanguard Company. These biological insecticides can be incorporated into pest management programs which are either exclusively biological in scope or rotated with conventional chemistries.
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Effective and Safe Biorational Pest Control

Envance Technologies, an American Vanguard Company, is an emerging leader in the development of safe and effective insect pest and weed control solutions that leverage its receptor-targeting technology and novel formulations to deliver superior performance and safety profiles.
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Greener Input Solutions for Producers

Company, offers a robust portfolio of micronutrients and agronomic solutions for a wide range of crops. The AmGreen portfolio of biorational products, which can be used in combination with conventional chemistries, features regenerative agriculture management solutions that reduce water use while effectively irrigating crops and supporting crop yields.
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Biological Products for Mexico

BioAMVAC (Mexico) offers cutting-edge biologicals including bio-fungicides, bio-insecticides, and growth regulators. Key products include Agree? 50 WDG Insecticide, Fragata? Fungicide, Arrecife? Nematicide, Akorde? Fungicide, Milini? Insecticide, Ecozin? 3% CE Insecticide, and Portrin? 0.2% PH Insecticide. All are OMRI-listed for organic use.
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